Thursday, March 21, 2013

Running Motivation

I didn't run for three days straight this week :(

I didn't feel well over the weekend and into the beginning of the week and then my body just felt drained until today. I've been reading a lot of blogs for some motivation and it definitely helped me to hop on the treadmill today. I pumped out 3 easy miles in a good time and felt good too. So, what are some of the blogs Brittany likes? I really love The Hungry Runner Girl, I started reading her blog a month ago and started with her first post. I've almost made it up to present day. She writes a lot! You can tell she thoroughly loves to run and of course eat.

Reading some hungry runner girl on the kindle :)

A few more blogs I'm digging:

The Petite Athleat

Running for Trevor

The Davis' a.k.a. the Run On blog :)

Run It My Way

Racing With Babes

NYC Running Mama

Jill Will Run

Okay, so maybe that's more than a few, but I actually read many more running blogs than that. I will have to do another post sometime to show the multiple people (mostly ladies) that I follow in the running world. Their words can be very motivating, and reading their blogs is the best way to make my time past if I am on the Nord!

Who do you follow?

Can you read if you are running on the treadmill?

Do you ever get in a funk where you can't run/exercise for a few days in a row?

Motivate Me!


  1. I read some of the same blogs as well :) It helps having a strong blogging community to get motivation from.

    p.s. GET UP AND MOVE!!
    (you said motivate you!;))