Saturday, March 23, 2013

Camden Run

Went with the bestie on a run around Camden yesterday afternoon for about 5 miles and it was great! We ran from her house down to the ocean around a huge cemetery and past a lot of gorgeous houses. It was fairly warm (38 degrees) for March in Maine, and the wind was to a minimum. I can't wait for the temperatures to stay above 40!

Took the boys to swim classes this morning, then headed to Reny's with Elijah. Reny's is a Maine thing. A Maine adventure, to be specific. Haha. Anyway, found him some awesome sunglasses and myself some discounted running sneakers! Yay!

Pretty cool right?

Asics Gel Equation 6

Headed downstairs to the treadmill now.

How are you going to get your run/workout on today?