Thursday, April 11, 2013

April Snow Run

Yesterday was a pretty busy day at work for it being a shorter day than usual. I was able to run on the treadmill early in the afternoon before treating a patient in the pool, which was nice. I managed to get 3 miles in before jumping into my swimsuit. If I knew she was going to be 20 minutes late I would have done the full 5 miles I had planned on!

Our physical therapy clinic is actually located inside of a hotel, which is really convenient since there is a pool for aquatic therapy and a full gym :) This is the pool:

Today, I originally wanted to do 3 miles since the bestie and I are doing 10 tomorrow, but since I didn't fit in my full 5 yesterday I might try to pump out 4 or 5 today.... We will see. Lately the motivation has been lacking if I have to run on the treadmill.

I've been spoiled with a couple nice days here on the mid-coast - literally, two nice days. Nice meaning about 50-60 degrees with the sun shining. 

That never lasts in Maine though. Tonight and into tomorrow we are going to be getting SLEET & SNOW!! Ridiculous. This is just in time for our 10 miler tomorrow, of course.

On a better note, my sister-in-law is meeting me in Augusta Saturday afternoon after the boys are done with their swim classes. She is taking Eli for the night so the hubs and I can have a night to ourselves <3. Date night!

Are you expecting snow where you live?

What should the hubs & I do for a cheap date night?

Do you rather risk possibly running outside in the snow/sleet or would you get on the treadmill for your 10 miler?


  1. My favorite cheap dates:
    1. Go to a froyo bar and have the other person create what they think you'd like. The catch is if you really hate it then they'd have to eat it.
    2. Make healthy homemade pizzas at home and then eat them on the floor of your living room like you would have when you were in college.
    3. Trivia nights at local restaurants, pubs, bars, etc.
    4. Museums.
    5. Tour a local brewery (if you like beer) or winery (if you like wine.
    6. Volunteer together :)

    1. Those are great ideas! One cheap date night we I'd at home once was a wine & cheese pairing with different kinds of each that we had never tried. It was fun :)