Sunday, March 3, 2013

Returning with a Short Run

So the bestie and I went on a short run today instead of a long one...about 4 miles. She is just starting back into running again after completing a marathon and 1/2 marathon back to back. We do not need any injuries here! We did our normal route around Rockland starting at my work and ending there. Today was chilly - 36 degrees, and it was misty out.  There was a lot of slush on the sidewalks for us to slip around in too. Boo to that!

Nice and sweaty and red - I'm like this within 1 mile of running:

Ran in my Ascics Gel Nimbus 11s and felt some soreness on the outside of my right foot - time for new outdoor shoes too? Sounds good to me!

Wore my Under Armour running tights for the first time, even though I've owned them for 6 months.  Very Comfy! I'm short though, so I had to fold the pant leg up. Even then, because they weren't as tight to my ankles as they should have been, there was a little rubbing from the seem on the inside of my ankles. Other than that I loved them!

Do you have a favorite route that your run consistently?

What shoes are you wearing for your outdoor runs?


  1. When I was doing the C25k program a few years ago, you should have seen how red my face would get within the first few minutes of running! I'd look like a tomato!

    1. Some of us are just that way I guess! Thanks for commenting :) Are you still running?