Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Running & Easter! :-)

The week so far:

- 7.5 mile long run on Sunday with the bestie
- 3 mile recovery run on Monday on the treadmill at home :)
- Rest day Tuesday - not feeling well that day anyhow
- 4.5 mile treadmill run at work this Wednesday morning

Feeling pretty good this week! I was very surprised that my legs were not sore after my long run Sunday. I thought maybe I would have some DOMS the next day or Tuesday, but it didn't show up at all. Today's run was fast and smooth averaging 8:30 minute miles. I did intervals today between 8:57 pace and 8:00 pace.

This is my motto for this spring:

Have you seen this ecard?

Plans for running the rest of this week include a 5 miler tomorrow, a 3 miler Friday, and a long run on Saturday. Sunday is Easter and I am taking a rest day that day! :) We have an Easter egg hunt at church with the Sunday school kiddos and then we are having a hunt at our house with the boys and their cousin.
Here are some photos of my little guys and their cousin over the past few years hunting for their eggs:

I don't know why this gets so blurry if I enlarge it :( 

Any Easter plans & special traditions?
One of my friends used to do a sunrise hike every year on Easter. Maybe he'll be up for it this year...

Running plans??

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