Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy Weekend!!

Such a busy weekend which is why I am just getting a chance to submit a post now. Friday was my day off from running, which I did end up actually taking a full rest day. I had wanted to get outside and do a trail run, but it just didn't happen. Chris and I ended up doing a lot of chores Friday afternoon when I got home. This way it wasn't all on him while I was gone for the entire day Saturday.
By Friday evening, I finally had time to run outside, but it was getting dark - and super cold already down to 20 degrees. (Who knows what the wind-chill subtracted from that!) So, I sat on the couch with some french vanilla hot cocoa and my little guy, Elijah, and had a movie night. We watched Rise of the Guardians. Such a good movie!

Finally I got a chance to pain my nails too, and then showered and went to bed early since I knew I would be tired tomorrow with my early day planned.
The bestie and I met up in town at Tim Horton's, grabbed a coffee and headed on our way down to Portland (about a 1 hour 40 minute drive) for a Shoulder Disorders seminar put on by Summit Professional Education. It was an awesome class and I actually learned a few new exercises and mobilizations that I can use with my patients.
When we got out of class at 3 p.m., we headed to the mall and picked up a few things we needed and then headed to Back Cove for our run! We did 6 miles on the running trail, which I had never run on, and it was awesome!! Super cold, but a fast run. My right eye was watering the whole time from the breeze and my quads felt like they were permanently frozen. Needless to say, they were super tight at the end of the run.

This is a map of the race that I just signed up for - Shipyard's Old Port Half Marathon. (Yay!)
You can see the cove and the loop around it - that is wear Steph and I ran Saturday with a little extra added on down town.

We were pretty sweaty, tired and cold, but I really wanted to go to Trader Joe's. So we headed across town to do a little grocery shopping. This was my first time shopping at Trader Joe's. I LOVED it! There were so many good deals. 19 cents/lb for bananas!! Between Elijah, Noah, and I we go through at least 10 lbs/week of bananas. So about $2 for all those bananas was awesome!!

I bought a ton of great stuff at TJ's and will definitely be going back soon. Some of the great deals:
-Organic grapefruits (8 for $4)
-Cookie Butter (yum)
-Cocobon Red table wine (has hints of chocolate and cherries in it)
-Almond Milk (about 80 cents cheaper)
-Joe's Os cereal (like cheerios, but tastier & $1.99 for a 15oz box!)
-Pizza dough ($1.19!!)

Back to running....

I woke up very early Sunday morning (3 a.m.) not feeling well. I had all intentions of running the Lucky Leprechaun 5k Sunday @ 10:10 a.m. and then taking Elijah to Sunday school, but it didn't happen. :( 
The Lucky Leprechaun 5k is one of 5 races locally that donates its proceeds to the organization Go! Malawi. This is the link to their site: Such a great organization!

So, my next possible race isn't until April....

When is your next race?

Did you race this past weekend?

Will you run a race even if you aren't feeling well?


  1. My next big race I have is the pittsburgh marathon in may. I'm already excited about it :)

    1. Awesome! I have a few 5ks in April/May/June, the 1/2 in July and maybe a marathon in October....we'll see :) How's training going?

    2. Good! I've had a few IT band issues recently but I'm pushing through it. Not sure how far you're willing to travel but I did Richmond Marathon in November last year and LOVED everything about the course and race. I am considering it again this year.

  2. Sounds like a really nice weekend... running for me.... maybe speed walking more my style. Hope you are on the mend. Your little guy was just a doll today. Very excited about the new camper and if he is going with Nini and Papa. Of course he is! Chris C even is ready to do some camping too! See you tomorrow if we are not knee deep in snow. Mom

    1. I'm glad he had such a good day! Definitely need to do some camping this summer :)

  3. I'm running a virtual half marathon tomorrow. I picked that day to help celebrate spring, although the weather looks like it hasn't gotten the memo!! We'll see.....

    I have raced when I was sick. Once (years ago) I raced 2 days after getting out of the hospital. I felt awesome after being pumped full of fluid and antibiotics. Probably should have taken it easier, but....naaaaaah! I've also raced when injured. Not my smartest idea, but I don't pay and plan for big races and then not do them. The injury was minor although I was advised to not run. I survived just fine!

    1. I definitely understand racing when you have a lot invested (time-wise and w/ money). I've only blown off one race before that I had already registered for - a 10k - but it was a $15 loss.
      I've never had a serious enough injury where I thought "I shouldn't be doing this". Glad you survived that though!!