Monday, March 11, 2013

Squeezing in my Runs

Do you make sure to squeeze in your run whenever you have time? I definitely do, and a lot of things come into consideration when I try to schedule my run into my day.  Here is a list of things I consider daily:

1) Do I have a client at 8:00? - If not maybe I can get my run done in the morning and actually wash my hair before my first patient...

2) How long is my lunch hour today - maybe its more like a 90 minute lunch which means plenty of time for a 4 miler, shower & lunch.

3) Do my kiddos have anything going on in the evening today? - Basketball/Soccer/Karate/Swimming etc..

4) On weekends - Do my kids have play-dates? Sunday School? etc...

5) How's the weather? Maybe I can run outside? Do I have time before dinner...

6) Elijah's napping - good time to run!


The list could go on and on. As you can see I like to schedule my runs around my kids. I do not like them to interfere with time I should be with them. Consequently, during the work week all my runs usually take place at work on the treadmill early in the morning or at lunch. This way I don't feel guilt! Yesterday's long run took place while Elijah was napping in the afternoon - what a cranky kid he was with this time change! Hahaha - that's what we'll blame it on for now. 

Got in a 3 miler today. Was going to aim for 4 to 5, then I looked at the clock and realized I hadn't had lunch and had a new patient coming for an evaluation at 1:00, and I had started my run later than usual. 
There's always tomorrow!

Do you have children?

Do you feel the need to schedule your runs around specific things/children?

Are you running today?

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