Monday, March 4, 2013

Stretching after my Run

Ran on a treadmill that definitely needed some grease today...Every time I stepped down with my left foot the treadmill would stick a little. :( I decided today that I need to start stretching more after I have finished my runs, especially for my calves, hip flexors and quads. My hamstrings never get too tight, but I still stretched them!

I'm a big advocate for stretching after you workout or run. Stretching beforehand can lead to injuries. It is not smart to lengthen your muscles before you demand so much of them. The reaction time of the muscles is slowed by doing this and the joints may be a little less stable.

Check these sites for more info on stretching:;jsessionid=iOaWUF5LHhRXfuuNk3O9.2

Good stretches to do post-run:

Piriformis Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Calf Stretch

Quad Stretch

These are the typical 5 stretches that I go through. I do 2 or 3 for each side and hold each for about 30 seconds. I always make sure to come out of my stretches nice and slow so that I maintain what I gained as well.

Do you stretch?

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