Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend & some Running

Did everyone have a great Easter?? We did. It was a busy weekend full of running, family, and spring cleaning! I had an overwhelming urge to start spring cleaning.

I only tackled a small part of the house, but getting organized always feels great. I took the linen closet in the master bedroom and organized it with new bins :) Then I tackled Elijah's closet and bureau - he is now in size 5 pants and 4/5 shirts. So, I cleaned out anything smaller than that, bagged it up and now its sitting in the trunk of the Saab waiting to be taken to Lil' Sweet Peas Consignment.

I bagged up a bunch of my clothing as well. If I hadn't worn it in the past 12 months it made its way into the bag.

I got the boys up early and took them to swim. This time around their sessions have an hour and 15 minute gap between, so we took that time to run some errands. They both needed some new pants, and Noah really needed some bigger shirts - he's into a size 8 now.

Elijah swimming - love the scrunched face!

After swim ended at 11:30 we headed to Subway to grab Noah a kids meal since he was headed straight to a friend's house. We made a pit stop at my friend Heather's house from the blog site Living with Autism to give her some tips on healing her knee - possible Runner's knee and ITBS.

After dropping Noah off at his friend's house Elijah and I headed home to have some lunch. I got ready for my long run of the weekend (which turned out to be not as long as I should have done). I was planning on a 9 miler with the bestie, but our schedules conflicted so I had to run alone. I ended up doing 7 from my house.
It felt really good, and I averaged a 9:20 minute mile.

Easter! The boys woke up early, but they let us sleep until 7, how nice of them! (I still could have used another hour.) The opened their baskets and found the few eggs around the house that the bunny hid. Then we got dressed for the Easter egg hunt at Sunday school.

They had a lot of fun:

Then we headed to my moms for a boiled dinner - ham, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. We had some desserts from the Brown Bag, and the boys ran around outside for a while popping in and out of my parents new camper. At 1:00 we all headed down to our house and met my Aunt, Uncle, and Brianna there so the kids could do an outside Easter egg hunt. Three hunts in one day!!

Silly Uncle!

The Easter bunny hid some in the woods too!

Found them all - they look all business don't they? So serious.

It was a pretty warm day compared to the past couple weeks. 
Checking out their stash on the porch. 

Pretty Egg!

He needs his sunglasses!

Went for a short "recovery" run today - 2.5 miles on the treadmill at home, and then spent the rest of the day with the boys. While I ran and then showered they took advantage of the sunshine and played outside on their jungle gym for a 2 hours!

How was your Easter weekend?

Did you log some miles?

Do you have a special Easter dinner?