Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disorganization & Training Motivation

I am writing this post now as I sit and watch my step-son's swim class. It's about 3:30 and I am already exhausted. I had a short day at work - was out by 1:30, but I did not have a lunch and I treated 8 patients from 9:00 until I left. I got to work early this morning, around 7:30 with good intentions of writing today's post at that time but go side tracked when I walked into my office and saw all the piles of papers that was organizing the day before still scattered around my desk and the treatment table.

I had a student start this week with me. This is her first clinical out of 4 that she has to complete before graduating. I usually take on 1 - 2 students every summer to help the schools out with placing students. It can be very nerve-racking for students to not find out if they have been placed and where they are going until a week or so before. Not fun.

For me, having a student on clinical at Coastal PT means extra help! I think her first week has been interesting and entertaining to say the least. To keep this mild, we have a colorful clientele currently at CPT.

I have  not been so good about running this week. After my 10 miler Saturday, I ran 3 on Monday, 3 today and plan on doing 5 tomorrow, 2-3 Saturday and a long run Monday. We'll see if it happens.

Some motivation:

I haven't been looking forward to outdoor runs in pouring rain and 50 degree temps and I haven't exactly wanted to run on the treadmill either. I wish the sun would come out! I can't remember the last time I saw it....

True that:

Probably seen this before,
but it is so true:

How are you doing with your training?

I asked this on my FB page early this week: Would you rather run in 30 degree temps with snow on the ground or in pouring rain and have it be only 50 out? 
I prefer dry and cold over soaking wet.

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  1. You go girl! I have not ran since Saturday (my first half)! I really need to get out and run tomorrow!!!

    1. Awesome on doing your first half! You can do it. The hardest part is putting those shoes on!

  2. Oh wow your job sounds awesome (but yes, tiring) I imagine its incredibly rewarding though. I would rather run on a treadmill indoors if those are my only 2 options :) ha ha i kid i kid, i would choose the cold and dry! i dont mind a wet run, but only if its like 80 degrees out, then its sorta fun :) happy friday chica!! enjoy your weekend!!

    1. I don't mind a wet run if its even 65 or warmer out. But 50 is just too cold. That is how its been here lately :( Northern Maine might get some snow this weekend! Luckily I'm on the coast and it will be in at least the 60s with the rain we are getting.

  3. This is a slow, recovery week for me -- and I'm trying to let my Gatorade-spill-by-someone-else-resulting-in-11-miles-of-ankle-chafing-on-shoe-tongue war wound heal. My training for my next half doesn't officially start until July. I am planning on 2 or 3 today, with up to 6 on Sunday, depending on my ankle.

    Here's hoping!

    1. Ouch! I hat those chafing wounds. Good luck on your runs this weekend. Hope you have some good weather for them!