Monday, May 6, 2013

This is What I Get...

I have restless sore legs that can't get comfortable in any position. I didn't even run that far. 6 miles with S this morning and lots of stretching afterwards. Elijah & I kept busy today too. So why am I still feeling this run???

Oh yeah, it was the hilliest freaking run I have done, ever. There were zero flat areas and way more up-hills than down.

I don't have any pictures of it for you. I am bad about bringing my phone with me on runs. I hate to carry stuff in my hands while running, so I'll have to drive the route at another time to snap some pics for the blog.

The only good thing about this super hilly route is that there was next to no traffic. I think we saw 5 cars.  We did have another group of runners behind us for a while and they were starting to catch up with us but then went in a different direction.  I always run faster when there are other runners around. Who else does this?

Whatever gets those legs moving faster! lol

So for the rest of the day Elijah and I:

  1. Went to Sunday School together
  2. Planted some flowers in my gardens and watered them
  3. Watched the Green Lantern
  4. Baked chocolate chip cookies
  5. Did a few loads of laundry
  6. Prepared dinner for Daddy to cook
Cookie photos:
Yummy cookie dough

"Can I eat all of this mom?"

Such a good helper :)

Eating one more spoonful of 
left-over batter

Finished products

Noah is home from his weekend @ his mom's place and Daddy stole a cookie as soon as he saw them!

Fresh out of the shower :)

Dad brought home ice cream 
... so they just had to have 
cookies & ice cream together

Yum! This is the life.

Elijah thinks the Jack & the Beanstalk rhyme goes like this:
"Fe, Fi, Fo Fum! I smell the blood of an english muffin!"

I caught him repeating this over an over while rolling around on his bed pretending to try and escape from the giant. He didn't know I was watching and it was sooooo funny!

What did you do this weekend?

If you have children/nieces/nephews etc; what is something funny they have said?


  1. Lol, aw your boys are so darling! And who doesn't want to eat all the cookie dough :) my weekend was good- there was LOTS of good food invovled (probably too much)- but I wouldn't take back a single bite even if I could :)

    1. Awe thanks :) I read about your smoothies. Loved all those dancing photos too. lol! Love some good food! has an awesome muffin recipe on her blog today. I am totally baking that this week.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend, we did as well. I learned to Salsa dance....oh yeah!!!! The weather was beautiful and my book was great... only bad thing was the campfire smoke was always trying to find me~

    1. It was a good weekend :) That's awesome you learned to salsa! Smoke in the eyes is awful. Agreed.

  3. So cute!! Oh the things that kids say! :) and you're not the only one that runs faster with other runners around!

    1. Thanks Maria :) Kids say the funniest things! Other runners and even people driving by make me run faster. Lol