Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sinful Deliciousness & Randomness

Yesterday one of my best friends came up to visit with S and I. We went out for mimosas at Home Kitchen Cafe. HKC is this awesome local restaurant with delicious homemade food, and they use local & seasonal ingredients including seafood, sauerkraut, eggs, various veggies, cheeses, and locally roasted coffee.

Check out their site: Home Kitchen Cafe Site

The Sinny Bun I had yesterday,
because it is so sinful. Yummm 
(These pics are pulled from their webpage.)

After this we proceeded to main street and did some shopping and then some wine tasting. There is a new wine tasting room on main street - Breakwater Vineyards - that carries wines from their winery in Owls Head, Maine. I run past this vineyard when I do my 7.5 mile loop from my parent's house. (You can do wine tasting at the vineyard as well.)

Bet you didn't realize Maine could even have a vineyard! Lol

Their wines were delicious. For $3 we each had 4 different 1 oz. servings of wine. I tried their Something Sweet - a sweet white grape wine, their Breakwater Blues Dry Blueberry - which actually wasn't sweet but paired really well with dark chocolate, their Bee's Knees Mead - a tasty fruit honey wine, and their Unoaked Chardonnay - a very smooth smooth grape wine.

My favorite was their mead. I had never had a mead before, their's was fairly sweet. It was perfect :)

After all this deliciousness I went home to my family and we went to the movies to see Iron Man 3. We loved it of course, and I loved Robert Downey Jr as much as ever. He is just so charismatic. Who agrees with me here?


If you haven't seen me complaining on Brittsrunstyle on Twitter or on Britt's Running Style on Facebook you don't know about how rainy it has been here in midcoast Maine. Actually all of Maine. Maine Runner Girl could tell you about it too, and she is across the state.

I was soaked after my Friday afternoon run with S:

And it still looked like this today for my run in Rockland:
(That's the ocean out there, but you wouldn't know it with all the fog!)

To conclude my post, I wanted to let you know I made smores pancakes again for the kiddos this morning and I am now drinking coffee at 4pm. I don't know why. We will see what time I make it to bed tonight.

Who else uses jo!e products?

That is the end of randomness today. 

Tell me some random things about your weekend!



  1. Love love love HKC! Didn't know about the new wine tasting place, I gotta go check it out!

  2. That is a lot of rain, send some down here? :) That cinnamon bun looks yum, I haven't had one in years. Would love one now! And I do love Robert Downey Jr. There's just something about him...

    1. You guys having a drought? I would have gladly given it to you! Its gone today and finally I woke up to sun shining in my window. :-)

  3. Really like your blog! We've had a lot of rain here in West KY this Spring but this weekend has been gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you had a gorgeous weekend. The sun is shining here today too. About time! Hope you stop back in :)

  4. You are so much better than me! I don't care for the rain at all much less running in it. I love mimosas and wine though. :)

    1. Mimosas and wine :) mmmmm. I don't like running in the rain if its too cold, but it wasn't so bad. I probably wouldn't have done it if Steph wasn't with me! lol