Monday, May 20, 2013

Ten Miler and Ragged Mt. Hike

This weekend was Chris and my first anniversary (the 19th). My mom and dad took the boys camping for the weekend and we were able to spend a lot of time together. Friday afternoon we hung out at home watching horror flicks. I had some tasty haddock chowder and some Cocobon for dinner and then I went to bed early. 

Delicious wine

Saturday morning I met up with the bestie to run with her. I did 10 miles and she did a total of 16. Her marathon is right around the corner - June 23rd! 

In the afternoon Chris and I went hiking up Ragged Mt. and enjoyed a beverage. This was a 5 mile hike. Let me tell you, my hip flexors were KILLING me after all this activity!

So Green!

Couple shot :-)

Miller Lite Time

Beautiful View

Weird fungus growing on the rocks

We ordered take out for dinner and went home and continued with our scary-movie-athon.

This weekend we watched:

All very scary...Cabin in the woods was a little weird. Agree?

It was a perfect first anniversary weekend. We didn't do gifts. We usually aren't too big into buying gifts. We usually prefer to spend our money on things for our house, landscaping, trips, and of course on our kids!

Sunday we slept in, which was amazing! We never get to do that with two little boys.

Who ran this weekend? Ever do two strenuous workouts in one day?

If you celebrate an anniversary, what do you usually do?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Happy anniversary! We don't do gifts for our anniversary either. THOUGH, I got us coffee mugs this year because they were dorky and I couldn't NOT buy them. Sometimes we go out for dinner or something, but we got married the week before Christmas. (It seemed like a good idea at the time. It's not. LOL)

    I ran my first half (!) and now I'm trying to relax.

    1. That is awesome you ran your first half! We tried not to have our wedding too close to any holidays or family birthdays, but it is so hard to do that and still have it in the season that you want.

  2. Way to go on the 10 miler! looks like a beautiful view indeed. And ooh I love John Cusack... but scary movies stress me out far too much lol!

    1. I love John Cusack too! I get really anxious when I watch scary movies but I put myself through it anyway. Why?! lol

  3. Glad you had a nice time this past weekend... now on memorial day weekend your little guys will be running you ragged. Biking all of the time along with playground fun and games. Brie was over and taught us a fun running game that Nini got in the middle of..You will have to play this weekend too. Marshmellows, sunshine,campfire stories and tired boys at night "here we come"!

  4. Happy anniversary!! Haha miller lite time is my favorite part :) the hike looks gorgeous what a fun weekend!! And I'm terrible with scary movies :)

    1. Thank you :) I am terrible with scary movies too but I still watch them and I yell at Chris when he leaves the room. lol

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both. My husband and I would celebrate anniversaries like that too. We are not into gift-giving. We've overcome that phase. We used to give gifts when we were dating but, now that we are married, we felt that it's better to do something fun. :)
    Oh, so you guys like horror movies. Good for you! LOL! I can't stand them. I will have nightmares Lol! :)

    1. Thanks! Usually doing something is much more memorable than giving gifts. We don't usually watch horror movies that often, but this was definitely a long spree of them!

  6. I can not do scary movies!!!
    Happy Anniversary!
    I love first anniversaries!
    We usually never do gifts for each other either. I think we only do gifts for birthdays and Christmas now.
    We usually end up going to dinner because we rarely go to dinner!!

    1. Thank you! We usually do one big birthday gift and lots of gifts at Christmas. Little things mostly. Anniversaries are about making more memories for us though.