Saturday, July 27, 2013

Island Boost #PerformanceFuel Review & GIVEAWAY!!! (Closed)

I contacted the creator, Laura Mildon, of this performance fuel product quite a while ago so that I could do a review and giveaway with it. She quickly responded and sent a package to me of 6 samples in 3 different flavors. I was intrigued just by the name of this fuel.


Makes me think tropical (i.e. delicious) and a bump in my energy.

The three flavors sent to me were

1) Strawberry-Orange (which is the one I sampled)

2) Passion Fruit


3) Blueberry-Pomegranate

All sound delicious and the Strawberry-Orange definitely held up to my standards. The flavor was great and I loved that it was a liquid instead of a gel or chew.

Check out there website here: Island Boost

Seen on the back of the package: 
              Island Boost is the fastest fuel for your muscles, that delivers electrolytes to help prevent muscle cramping. Guaranteed to eliminate stomach issues associated with strenuous activity.

As stated, I did not experience any stomach issues and I could definitely feel the BOOST in energy. I don't normally get any stomach issues with chews, but I have had upset stomach from gels before. So if this happens to you, you should definitely give Island Boost a try!

Some other things you should know that make this product exceptional:

  • The package is tall so that the liquid will sit at the bottom and not spill on you when you tear off the tab at the top. Fold the top over and it's the same size as a packet of Gu - so don't let the size of the package make you think it's actually bigger. 
  • No maltodextrin - this is the carbohydrate used in most products. It's an artificial, man-made polymerized carbohydrate and for many can upset the stomach. We use glucose as our primary carb and fructose (natural fructose, NOT a jacked up polymerized version that is seen in HFCS)
  • Flavored with natural fruit juices
  • Great frozen - a refreshing way to refuel on hot training days or to restore electrolytes after a run. 
So, to one lucky reader, I will 
mail (within the U.S.) one of each flavor!

1) All you have to do is comment below on how you use performance fuel to enter.

For additional entries please do the following:

2) Follow Island boost on Twitter @IslandBoost & leave a separate comment that you did.

3) Follow Island boost on Instagram: IslandBoost & leave a separate comment that you did.
4) Like Island Boost on Facebook: & leave a separate comment that you did.
5) Like my Facebook page: & leave a separate comment that you did.
That is 5 possible entries total!

Giveaway will end next Friday, August 2nd & the winner will be announced Saturday, August 3rd.
Good luck!
(I was in no way compensated for this review.  What I have stated are 
my honest opinions of the product. All other facts 
listed were provided by the company.)


  1. Performance fuel is my endurance running lifesaver. I've never seen this brand before and would love to try it on my next long training run!

  2. I LOVE Island Boost! Glad you liked it too! Such a great product!

  3. I've never tried Island Boost, but it sounds like something I might like. I use GUs right now on any run of 8+ miles. Generally use a Gu about once every 4 miles or so.

  4. I normally use chews on my run but want to branch out and try gu's again. Would love to try these!

  5. Following Island Boost on Twitter!

  6. Following them on Instagram!

  7. I would like to try this out on my half marathon training which started TODAY!!

  8. Followed IslandBoost on Twitter

  9. Followed IslandBoost on Instagram

  10. Liked IslandBoost on FaceBook

  11. Already like you on Facebook

  12. Would love to try! I am starting half training this month!

  13. I use Gu on long runs...take one about 15 minutes before run, then every 4 miles or so (if I'm doing more than 8 miles). I also use RynoPower Supplements.

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  15. I followed Island Boost on Twitter.

  16. I use performance fuel for long runs and intense cardio workouts.