Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Drowning in Sweat

Monday and Tuesday I ran inside on the treadmill at work. It was 80 degrees in the gym, and even though I had the fan blowing at my face I was soaked 10 minutes into my run. Completed 3.1 on Monday and 4.1 yesterday.

I almost did:

Today, I am going to head outside for my run after work. We have a short day in the office today - hoping to be out before 2 p.m. @ the latest. I plan on doing a 3 miler around Waterman's Beach Rd today and hopefully a 5 miler tomorrow at work. Maine is supposed to get back up to 50 degrees tomorrow, so that will be an outdoor run too.

Today, during my lunch hour I took a quick walk to go grab some food at Atlantic Baking Company and it was super chilly and windy. I will not be drowning in sweat outside today. :)

My lunch was delicious as usual:

Yummy spinach salad with shredded chicken couscous and honey-mustard dressing

 I bought some of there homemade granola for my breakfast 
for the next couple weeks - so good in yogurt!!

 Had this deliciousness after lunch. I love all of Sanpellegrino's 
sparkling juice drinks, but I hadn't tried the Blood Orange flavor. Super tasty!

What did you have for lunch today?

Favorite drink?

How many miles are you putting in today?

How's the weather where you are??

A LOT of questions.... :)

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