Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Filled with Fun

Half day at work today - wahoo! So when I get out at noon I just have a couple quick errands and then I'm heading home to plan a picnic with the little one. It is supposed to be fairly warm here today so as long as this fog lifts we are headed outside to eat!

I am also heading outside on my run today instead of the treadmill. I plan on doing 4 miles again probably around a loop I've done before in Rockland...I will charge my smart phone to bring with me and take pics along the way. It's an in-town loop, so not super scenic except one area near the ocean.

That is me in the front running the Lucky Leprechaun 5k 
a couple years ago in Rockland - one of the nicer walk
ways that is in town.

My little guy is w/ his Ninny (my mom) this morning and they plan on doing some outside stuff too - bike riding, hiking, exploring etc... things all little boys live for. They also have been on the search for polliwogs so they can watch them transform into frogs. Have you ever done this with your children?

Speaking of frogs, when we were on our walk the other day they were peeping so loudly it was amazing. I love that sound too - spring is here. My daffodils have still only grown about 4 inches and are probably a couple weeks away from blooming. However, I see other people's daffodils are up - what's up with that?!

One I saw near work :)

Additional fun that our Friday entails:
  • Possibly going to watch our friend Colin perform at Rock City Coffee this evening with the boys
  • Watching movies and enjoying popcorn tonight before the boys go to bed
  • Racing my kids in the back yard :)
  • Grilling some chicken and foil wrapped potatoes and onions - is this fun? I don't know, but it's yummy
What does your Friday entail?

Are you running/working out today?

If you have kids, do they like to race you?

As always, I love reading your comments!

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