Thursday, April 18, 2013

Running & Upcoming Nathan Sports Giveaway

Doing a 3 or 4 miler today on the treadmill at work. Getting this done during my lunch break today. Yesterday, I had all intentions of running 3 miles at lunch, but I ended up with a shorter lunch break than I thought I would have.

It was beautiful out yesterday though, so when I got home I told the hubs that Elijah, him and I should go for a walk. During the walk Eli and I did some sprints together back and forth - running to and from daddy. Let me tell you - Eli is fast for an almost 5 year old.

Here he is trying to look oh so sweet :)

He's about 45 inches tall - which means like 20 inch legs or something.... He could keep pace with me for the 150 foot sprints we were doing. Maybe he has a future in running. He must take after his Uncle Chris. My brother ran indoor and outdoor track in high school and he was pretty good. He always did the 400 and was the last leg for the 4x400 relay. It was amazing to watch him run. He still runs now and posts on Facebook his routes through the Nike app. Have you or do you use the Nike app?

It is supposed to be a little cooler here today than it was yesterday - it hit 65 here in the mid-coast yesterday and its supposed to only get to 55 today. Tomorrow though, we are back up in the mid 60s. It is finally starting to feel like spring!

So, about the giveaway...  I contacted Nathan Sports about doing a giveaway and they responded quickly to my request. As soon as I receive the race vest I will do a review and post it so my readers can enter in to win it. I have used Nathan Sports products for a few years, and my kids do too.

Here is the link that you can check out their race vests: Nathan Sports Race Vests

So stay tuned for when I announce the giveaway!

What do you use for hydration on your runs?

Have you ever used Nathan Sports products?

What are some of your favorite running products?

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