Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot Summer Days

I keep forgetting to take my mom's SD card from her so I can have photos to put up when I post my race recaps :-/

So today I'm going to show you all a little bit of what my family has been up to so far this summer.

I mentioned in my last post that we have been swimming, fishing, camping & tubing. It's been a blast! We have been pretty busy which accounts for my lack of appearance on here the past couple weeks.

I'm ready to slow down a little and have a weekend at home, but I don't see that happening until maybe the last weekend in July.

Summer is flying by right?!

Here is my photo dump!! :

Day at Megunticook Lake swimming and fishing :)

 (He wasn't aiming for his brother even 
though it looks like it!)

Brotherly Love <3

 Dad getting the poles ready for the boys

Why so serious son?

Love this photo!

His line was already in, but he thinks
he's casting. lol

We didn't catch any fish though. :-/

Day at Beaver Lodge on Alford Lake:

Tubing with family!

 Eli wanted to drive instead of tube after his first ride...
it was a little scary for him.

Brie and Noah :)

Eli looking cool in his new shades

Brie and Noah tubing

Camping this past weekend @ Flat Rock Bridge Campground in Lebanon, ME:

It was pirate weekend at the campground and
some random guy was walking around with his

Cosmo and Chris

I was a little nervous but I did it!

He kept walking up my arm and was really close to my face

Nini getting some lovin' from her grandbabies <3

Sitting around the campfire :)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have that SD card and post my race recaps WITH photos!

What have you all been up to this summer??



  1. omg we called my grandmother nini too! i love that, i've never heard anyone else call their grandmother that. that just made me so happy :) and ahh the two photos of the boys fishing are too cute for words! looks like a fantastic summer so far!! (and nice work with the bird- im not sure i would have been as brave! :) )

    1. Too funny! Thanks Charlotte :) We have been having a great summer. Hope you have been too!!