Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Like that fancy alliteration in my title?

Did not get my 5 miles in today. Thanks for asking Mike! lol. However, I did get 4 in on the treadmill and was pretty happy with that. I ran about 8:30min/mile pace. That also made me pretty happy.

This is what it looked like outside my front door the other day:

Now it has been in the 40s and very sloppy/slushy/brown-looking. I thought the above was much prettier! (But I'm ready for spring, without the mud, and some more outdoor running!)

I felt really good after my run, and I had a patient in the pool afterwards. That was perfect for getting my muscles to relax and stretch out. The pool at my clinic is always in the low to mid 90s - so warm :)

After a couple patients this afternoon I decided to polish of the bag I had leftover of this delicious sugary goodness:

Don't worry! That is not the only thing I had to eat today :)

I had Cheerios and a clementine at breakfast, grapes for a snack, celery with ranch dip, popcorn, and some soup at lunch, and then that 1/2 a bag of delicious sugary goodness!

I deserved it right??

What do you let yourself delve into for sugary treats?
Me: I love Jelly Belly, Nerds, and Airheads X-treme Sour Belts

How do you reward yourself for being consistent with your workouts that doesn't involve food?
Me: Work-out gear!

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