Friday, June 14, 2013

Mid-Week Recap

So far this week's running has been 10x better than last week.

I ran 2 miles on Sunday, 3.2 on Monday and another 2.5 on Wednesday.

Sweaty post-run photo:

Random photos from my week:

 My lunch: FAGE's fruyo. Have you tried it? So good!

Had a few of good. Better than girl scout
thin mints, and better for you!

 Lunch drink, yummy ICE - coconut pineapple flavor.
Have you tried?
(I look a little serious here...It was supposed to be my 
"this is so good" face)

Today I have 3 miles on the schedule and then 8 miles tomorrow.

I took rest days Tuesday and Thursday to help ease back in, but I hope to be back to just one rest day a week next week.

I do my running weeks Sunday through Saturday.... I think a lot of people do their running weeks Monday through Sunday though. How do you do your week?

Chris and I have had a crazy week with the boys too. Noah had his last day of school Wednesday. They both had their last swim classes this week on Tuesday and Thursday and my mom hasn't been available to help watch them in the mornings because she is on jury duty. :(  I have never had to serve on jury duty, and I hope I don't any time soon. Have you ever served on jury duty?

We also start a new summer schedule with Noah where he goes to his mom's house for half the week and then is with us the other half. This is always an adjustment after having him all week long during the school years.

Random - My kid loves the dentist. Weird right? lol

When summer comes around do you have changes in your schedule?

How has your running been this week?



  1. Lots of food/drink I haven't heard of before. Now I need to go grocery shopping!

    Yeah I do my running week Monday through Sunday. Although I think Daily Mile does it Sunday through Saturday which throws me off.

    Tell your kid to go to the dentist for me, I hate it!

    1. Yeah daily mile does that. I have a hard time staying on top of Daily Mile.

  2. Now why did you have to go there with those back to nature cookies?? That is trouble waiting to happen for me. ;)

    1. It is trouble. I won't buy them for a long time again. I did not share one of those puppies!

  3. Those fudge mint cookies look delicious. I'm keeping an eye out for those!

    We are able to keep a similar schedule in summer right now, with little man going to camp instead of school. Thanks to that, running has been going great, this week and every week so far. :)

    1. They were beyond delicious. I don't know the word for that! That's good that the schedule doesn't have to change up! :)

  4. OMG!!! I need those fudge mint cookies in my life!!!!!

    I personally do my weeks Sunday through Saturday. I think it's just what I'm used to. Sounds like you've had a great week for runs! Yay!

    1. They are delicious :) I need to avoid that aisle next grocery shopping trip! The running has definitely gotten better this past week. Finally!