Friday, May 3, 2013

Fartlek (hehe)

What beautiful weather we are having here in Maine... I went out and did some gardening - weeding, cleaning, and watering. My daffodils are opening up and my hyacinth is getting ready to bloom too.

My little purple hyacinth

 Open already!

I know the garden looks bare now, but by summer it will be full. Random perennials pop up all summer long :)

My little guy is loving playing outside and has been out on his swing set, riding his bike and watering my gardens with his squirt gun.

Outdoor Fun!!

This weekend I am continuing with my spring cleaning and hopefully getting the hallway painted as well.

S & I are planning a long run for Sunday before I have to take Eli to Sunday School and I'm going to do 4 easy miles tonight and a 2 mile fartlek tomorrow.

Right now though, it's time to play car show with Eli.

Line 'em up!

Are you running this weekend or racing?

Do you have a garden?

Other weekend plans??


  1. I love when the flowers first start coming up in the spring--such a great time. I don't have my own garden yet, but am very much looking forward to getting a place with my fiance so we can have one. Have fun with your weekend runs!

    1. It's definitely a fun hobby. We add a little each year and my boys like to help water. They aren't into weeding them for me though.

  2. What a beautiful weekend for getting out on your knees and your hands in the dirt... Reminds me of grammy Kirk and her green thumb....Her nails were always stained this time of year. She was such a wonderful mom and gram.. so intouch with mother earth and all that was around her. Plant on my dear daughter... plant on.

    1. Thanks mum :) Love seeing my flowers pop up each year!