Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recap of the 2nd Annual Brandon Feyler Memorial 5k

I had an awesome time at the race yesterday and I think all the racers did too! This was the second year of the race, but I still found a couple things that I want to change for the following year. There weren't any problems throughout the day though and the rain held off!

If you missed the post previous to this here's the link: Brandon Feyler Memorial 5k  That will fill you in a little on why I direct this race :)

Last year, the first year we held the race, was hotter than @#$! even though we started fairly early for a Maine race. It was 90 degrees by the time the runners were coming in around 8:50/9:00 a.m. We only had 24 people register last year.

This year it was misting heavily all morning. (The sun came out when we got home!) The temps were low 60s, and we had 30 people register. I think we would have had more if there wasn't nasty weather. (However, there was also another 5k that day in a neighboring town which drew a decent number of runners too.) We did have walkers at this race too, and I'm thinking of advertising to gain more walkers next year and having a start time for the walkers separate from the runners.

Before the morning even started I was woken from my deep slumber by my 4 year old, Elijah, crying in my bathroom because he had gotten sick. Still not sure what it was, but we both ended up with a short-lived stomach bug. Mine didn't show up until late morning. Needless to say I was up and down all night with the little guy not feeling well and ended up with 4 hours total of sleep. Good thing I wasn't racing! This was a hard way to start the day though.

The boys and I were out the door to head to the school by 5:45 a.m. They were wide awake too! 

My parents, my aunt & uncle (Brandon's parents), Lynn and I set up the tent, tables, water station, the coolers full of water & freezer pops, sliced oranges and set out granola bars. (Thank you to Hannaford for the donation of food & water!)

We had all the packets out and ready, but it was misting so heavily we had to keep them heavy so the waivers people had to sign wouldn't be too hard to write on.

Racers showed up early to register and a couple who had pre-registered DNS, I'm assuming due to weather. The first 25 that registered received a race tee. We did not do race tees last year since it is a big expense if you don't have sponsors to cover it. Since we had more racers this year, I think we will try and get sponsors for next year so we can give out race tees to everyone.

My hubby showed up around 7:45 (he works at night, but was still a trooper and helped out at the water station) and headed down to help my dad.

The race started at 8:00 a.m. sharp at the sound of me yelling "Runners, on your mark, get set, go!"

The course is an out and back run on the road that the high school is on. It's a quick run with some small hills. It's a fast course though. 

Unfortunately I do not have any photos
of the 5k racers/walkers in action. :(

Photos post race:

Handing Darren his gold medal ( he came in at 19:20!)

1st place female:

2nd place male:

2nd place female:

3rd place male:

 My friend Meigan won 3rd place for the women, but she had to leave early. She did awesome though!

 My Gram drawing names for the raffle winners

Laughing because she drew her nephew, my cousin, 
behind her who one the G.C.

Funny kiddos!

We gave out medals to the top 3 male and top 3 female racers. 1st place male and female racers recieved a Nathan Sports water bottle that had Island Boost (I'll be doing a review on this product this week), Nuun, and pink laces (#sweatpink!!). I also raffled off a few more pairs of pink laces, a handheld water bottle, and a $25.00 G.C. to Maine Sport Outfitters (which my cousin ended up winning). 

We also had a kids fun run which my boys, 2 of my cousin's kids, and my Uncle's granddaughter ran in. We gave out participation ribbons to the kiddos at the end.

Kids giving it their all on the fun run:
Brie & Noah pushing it!

Seth running hard

Elijah coming in 4th

Cordelia keeping with it following her dad!

So happy she made it with the "big" kids! :)

All in all we had an awesome time and look forward to next year's race and hopefully having more runners!

This is the link to the results that I loaded for the race:

Do any of you direct a race?

What did you all do this weekend?



  1. So happy you had a great time!I have never directed a race. I just got into racing myself! This weekend was pretty relaxing. I came home from the shore of Friday night and then used this weekend to get ahead on things for the week. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, Britt!

    1. Thanks! It's always nice to get things in order ahead of time. I like spending Sunday getting things done during the day and then relaxing at night knowing I won't have to do much other than work, run and take care of my kids during the week.

  2. My friend just held a race this weekend and it was her 2nd year. The first year, she had 65 and this year it was 245! She did a lot of things to make it happen...a social media campaign, outreach to local church and business to ask if they would send a team (5 different groups showed up), had a dog & stroller category (15 people total for those category, asked a local restaurant to sponsor a pancake breakfast afterwards. Just some suggestions on what she changed

    1. Thanks for the ideas! That is awesome that she got so many people. I'll be happy to get it above 50 :)

  3. It was a nice weekend and we enjoyed watching you in motion Brittany. Each year will bring small changes that will lead to bigger results. Better JNel thanks for sharing your ideas with our Britt. The above picture with grammy pulling raffle tickets said her nephew but it was her grandson but I am sure you all figured that out. The little girl running the kiddie race named Brianna is also Brandon Feyler Memorial 5K's daughter. It has been a blessing for us all to have her smiling face in our lives. We all love her so.

    1. I have no idea why I wrote nephew. oops I'll have to edit it!

  4. Looks like a wonderful race even thought it was raining. Love all the pics of the kids :)

  5. I had a good weekend! Ran 6 miles on Saturday (my longest run ever!) and then ran in the Dirty Girl Mud Run today. I have never directed a race, but it is something that really interests me! I hope to help a local organization with a race sometime soon!

    1. That's awesome! It is fun being on the other side of the race once in a while. I love watching everyone!

  6. How inspiring! Congrats on another successful year for your cousin's memorial run! I like the ideas you have for next year. I imagine that it will only grow from here! Keep it up girl! I have never directed a race before, so more power to you for getting out there and doing it!

    1. Thank you! I think it will gain a lot of runners next year. I have some plans in the works ;)