Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Chris and my one year anniversary was 5/19/13 :) I didn't blog about it at that time for some reason, but thought I would share a few highlights from our wedding and honeymoon today.

Last year at this time I was just getting home from Las Vegas - our honeymoon destination - and seeing our boys for the first time in a week. Everyone told us that we would miss them so much while we were away.

But, we didn't miss them as much as you would think. The nice part about being in Vegas was that for the majority of the time we didn't run into any children/families. I think that would have got me a little homesick for them. We did talk to them almost every night before they went to bed.  I don't feel bad saying I didn't really miss them, because you know what - they didn't really miss us!

However, when it was time to come home, I was ready to go!

My little Elijah and I

Daddy and his boys

Boys on their way to the ceremony

Waiting for mom <3

Lighting a unity candle

My girls!

My brother, parents and myself

Stylish boys ;)

My brother and cousin bombarded me with a rehearsed 
dance I can't remember to what song and wearing those
Game Over wedding tee shirts. It was pretty hilarious.

Our pretty cake

Out on our first day exploring. Chris's 1st time in Vegas :)

Very pretty @ night

Inside the luxor downing our huge margaritas
before heading to the Bodies Exhibit...
I am a PT afterall :)

@ the Hoover Dam standing in different states

Chris is trying to make sure the new bridge doesn't

 The witch doctor

Sitting on top of the Rio with my drink.
Ever had a witch doctor? It is delicious!

So those were a few random photos from this time last year :) I had the best time on that trip with him and I'm so glad we did it. I know it will be a long time before we ever take a trip without or boys. I have some great memories :)

Tell me about a trip that you took that you will never forget.


Monday, May 27, 2013

#RunFree4Me & Memorial Day

Did a loop near the house today. It has been our first sunny day in over a week. It's actually pretty warm out today too! 68 degrees!!

Do any of you follow Cori @ Olive to Run? She has hosted a #runfree4me challenge this month and every single one of my runs I did this way. No GPS, no music. Just me and the road. I even did my mother's day 5k that way.

Do you ever run tech free? 

I actually don't own a wrist GPS so that wasn't too hard. Lol. But, I do have the Nike+ system that hooks up to my iPod nano. I usually run with it, but if I run with friends I go sans headphones so we can chat.

However, there is always that day that would come at least once a week where I would want to run without any tech. Probably like yourselves, I already know the distance of almost every possible route so I don't really need anything to track me unless I really want to know my exact paces.

It's Memorial Day! A lot of my family have served or are currently part of the military. So a little shout out to my brother for serving & protecting our country: Love you & thank you Christopher!

Some memorial day fun:

Boys don't need toys. Just a cooler.

Fire pit tonight, lawn mowing, a little kiddie
golf, soccer, and sandbox play

My dad is apparently just a big kid. 
Riding Noah's bike

An awesome papa took the boys out to the ice 
cream truck for some chocolatey cones


Happy Memorial Day!

What did you do this weekend?

Any family members in the military?


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sinful Deliciousness & Randomness

Yesterday one of my best friends came up to visit with S and I. We went out for mimosas at Home Kitchen Cafe. HKC is this awesome local restaurant with delicious homemade food, and they use local & seasonal ingredients including seafood, sauerkraut, eggs, various veggies, cheeses, and locally roasted coffee.

Check out their site: Home Kitchen Cafe Site

The Sinny Bun I had yesterday,
because it is so sinful. Yummm 
(These pics are pulled from their webpage.)

After this we proceeded to main street and did some shopping and then some wine tasting. There is a new wine tasting room on main street - Breakwater Vineyards - that carries wines from their winery in Owls Head, Maine. I run past this vineyard when I do my 7.5 mile loop from my parent's house. (You can do wine tasting at the vineyard as well.)

Bet you didn't realize Maine could even have a vineyard! Lol

Their wines were delicious. For $3 we each had 4 different 1 oz. servings of wine. I tried their Something Sweet - a sweet white grape wine, their Breakwater Blues Dry Blueberry - which actually wasn't sweet but paired really well with dark chocolate, their Bee's Knees Mead - a tasty fruit honey wine, and their Unoaked Chardonnay - a very smooth smooth grape wine.

My favorite was their mead. I had never had a mead before, their's was fairly sweet. It was perfect :)

After all this deliciousness I went home to my family and we went to the movies to see Iron Man 3. We loved it of course, and I loved Robert Downey Jr as much as ever. He is just so charismatic. Who agrees with me here?


If you haven't seen me complaining on Brittsrunstyle on Twitter or on Britt's Running Style on Facebook you don't know about how rainy it has been here in midcoast Maine. Actually all of Maine. Maine Runner Girl could tell you about it too, and she is across the state.

I was soaked after my Friday afternoon run with S:

And it still looked like this today for my run in Rockland:
(That's the ocean out there, but you wouldn't know it with all the fog!)

To conclude my post, I wanted to let you know I made smores pancakes again for the kiddos this morning and I am now drinking coffee at 4pm. I don't know why. We will see what time I make it to bed tonight.

Who else uses jo!e products?

That is the end of randomness today. 

Tell me some random things about your weekend!


Friday, May 24, 2013

SPIbelt Winner!

Using the random number generator the winner is:


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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disorganization & Training Motivation

I am writing this post now as I sit and watch my step-son's swim class. It's about 3:30 and I am already exhausted. I had a short day at work - was out by 1:30, but I did not have a lunch and I treated 8 patients from 9:00 until I left. I got to work early this morning, around 7:30 with good intentions of writing today's post at that time but go side tracked when I walked into my office and saw all the piles of papers that was organizing the day before still scattered around my desk and the treatment table.

I had a student start this week with me. This is her first clinical out of 4 that she has to complete before graduating. I usually take on 1 - 2 students every summer to help the schools out with placing students. It can be very nerve-racking for students to not find out if they have been placed and where they are going until a week or so before. Not fun.

For me, having a student on clinical at Coastal PT means extra help! I think her first week has been interesting and entertaining to say the least. To keep this mild, we have a colorful clientele currently at CPT.

I have  not been so good about running this week. After my 10 miler Saturday, I ran 3 on Monday, 3 today and plan on doing 5 tomorrow, 2-3 Saturday and a long run Monday. We'll see if it happens.

Some motivation:

I haven't been looking forward to outdoor runs in pouring rain and 50 degree temps and I haven't exactly wanted to run on the treadmill either. I wish the sun would come out! I can't remember the last time I saw it....

True that:

Probably seen this before,
but it is so true:

How are you doing with your training?

I asked this on my FB page early this week: Would you rather run in 30 degree temps with snow on the ground or in pouring rain and have it be only 50 out? 
I prefer dry and cold over soaking wet.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ten Miler and Ragged Mt. Hike

This weekend was Chris and my first anniversary (the 19th). My mom and dad took the boys camping for the weekend and we were able to spend a lot of time together. Friday afternoon we hung out at home watching horror flicks. I had some tasty haddock chowder and some Cocobon for dinner and then I went to bed early. 

Delicious wine

Saturday morning I met up with the bestie to run with her. I did 10 miles and she did a total of 16. Her marathon is right around the corner - June 23rd! 

In the afternoon Chris and I went hiking up Ragged Mt. and enjoyed a beverage. This was a 5 mile hike. Let me tell you, my hip flexors were KILLING me after all this activity!

So Green!

Couple shot :-)

Miller Lite Time

Beautiful View

Weird fungus growing on the rocks

We ordered take out for dinner and went home and continued with our scary-movie-athon.

This weekend we watched:

All very scary...Cabin in the woods was a little weird. Agree?

It was a perfect first anniversary weekend. We didn't do gifts. We usually aren't too big into buying gifts. We usually prefer to spend our money on things for our house, landscaping, trips, and of course on our kids!

Sunday we slept in, which was amazing! We never get to do that with two little boys.

Who ran this weekend? Ever do two strenuous workouts in one day?

If you celebrate an anniversary, what do you usually do?

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